Local Counsel Representation

The Naples IP firm available by appointment, offers local counsel services to anyone having an intellectual property dispute in the Gulf Coast or Naples-Ft. Myers area. We are knowledgeable of the Local Rules in our area and can help the outside litigant traverse the intricacies of litigating in the Naples-Ft. Myers area. We also offer office space near the state and federal courthouses in Naples-Ft. Myers, thereby providing a forward base for litigants when they must appear in court to make statements, argue motions, examine witnesses or present evidence.


Allow us to provide you with our local counsel knowledge and experience so that you can focus on the merits of the case. Having two Board Certified Specialists in the area of Intellectual Property Law, we can provide you with excellent local counsel representation when dealing with patent infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition or copyright infringement litigation in the Naples-Ft. Myers area. We have extensive experience in the state and federal courts of the Naples-Ft. Myers area, as well as the intellectual property skills to review your filings. If you are in need of local counsel to represent you in the Naples-Ft. Myers area, contact the Naples IP firm we are available for consultation.

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