Patentability opinions

Patentability opinions are reports we conduct to define the patentability of an invention in light of any existing patents or patent applications found in the United States Patent database, as well as in other databases. This search is necessary in order to avoid any possible predicaments in the future once a patent application is filed. We conduct a computer database search in the United States Patent and Trademark Office system for United States patents, published patent applications, and foreign patents. Keyword searching is also conducted using the databases at the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Chinese Patent Office, and Google Patents for foreign patents and non-patent literature.

Additionally, a Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office is consulted in confirming the field of search.The search we conduct allows us to review the invention and give our clients an honest feedback on whether the Patent Examiner would allow the invention. We have many years of experience conducting patentability opinions. This also allows us with the opportunity to communicate with our clients about possible roadblocks once a patent application is filed. If we deem an invention is not likely to be patented, we work with our clients with suggestions on how the invention could be modified. Whether the results indicate an invention has high chances of being patented or not, our attorneys work with our clients in assisting them with getting their idea protected. The attorneys at Plus IP Law Firm analyze the intended invention because our goal is to help our clients in getting their invention protected. Feel free to give our firm a call and speak with one of the attorneys. If you have an idea in which you feel is innovative and want it to be protected, we can assist and guide you with the process.

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