Software patents

A software patent or business method patent provides protection for any computer performance realized by the means of a computer program. In today’s era, software patents are gaining monumental interest as our dependency towards technology is growing. In 2013, the software industry was valued to be $404.3 billion worldwide. The patentability of software varies in different countries as cultural views of the invention itself is considered. Although there may not be a conclusive definition of a software patent, may countries place limits on patenting software inventions. For example, U.S. patent law excludes abstract ideas and European laws excludes the patentability of a program for a computer unless it has the potential to cause a technical effect. Other countries like Japan are more liberal in allowing software related inventions to be patented. There are variety of differing public policy arguments surrounding software patent allowability and whether the software either inspires or discourages innovation.

Our firm’s attorney, Mark Terry, is specialized in software engineering and can assist in navigating those boundaries. Mr. Terry started his career as a software engineer and for over five years he researched and developed an abundance of software applications for the Army, Navy, and Department of Defense. Mr. Terry is well versed in many areas as he dealt with software programs that included requirements traceability, situational awareness, neural networks, target recognition, trajectory paths, and high-fidelity simulations, and has experience in developing software for Windows, Unix, and Linux. Mr. Terry has not only developed software programs, he furthered in his career as a Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office examining patent applications for a wide range of technologies. Mr. Terry worked on multiple controversial and high-profile cases, including patent applications related to Amazon. The Plus IP Firm is well versed in the field of software patents and ready to assist anyone who has the desire to patent their software inventions.


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