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The Plus IP Firm is a product of two factors:


Our practice is focused solely on intellectual property law. Whether we are litigating a high-stakes patent case, drafting claims to demarcate a client’s core technological innovations, or developing a trademark branding strategy, our work is driven by our clients’ business goals. We learn a client’s business so that we can protect and defend it.

Our people make it possible. We have over 30 years of collective experience with patents, trademarks and copyrights. Our team includes specialists in software and technology with industry experience developing valuable innovations; litigators who have won landmark IP cases and negotiated market-moving settlements. Our mission, however, remains the same—to protect, enforce, and advance our clients’ intellectual property in service of their business goals.

We are available by appointment, and we are proud to serve the vast array of creative individuals and businesses and independent inventors from our Naples community.

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