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An Assignment Registration is a transfer of ownership from an Assignor to an Assignee. An assignment can be registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent, trademark registration, patent application or trademark application. When signing a patent application assignment, the Applicant or the inventor is giving up their rights to the application and transferring their ownership to another entity. This is often seen when an inventor signs over their ownership of an invention to a company. The prime example would be when an inventor signs their rights of ownership of the patent application to the company they work for. Assignment registrations are used to identity who holds the ownership of property being assigned. A patent assignment can be filed after a patent issues. An assignment for a trademark can be filed during the examination of a pending trademark application or after the trademark has been registered. In our experience, trademark owners either transfer their ownership of a mark to another entity or change their names while retaining ownership. Once an assignment has been recorded, it cannot be deleted.

It is important to understand that with regard to a patent application, the inventor and the owner of the application can be different entities. Furthermore, in a patent registration, the inventor’s name will still appear as an inventor even if they have assigned their rights to the patent as they are still considered to be the “inventor”.

Our law firm handles assignment registrations with precision and we have also assisted our clients who have made errors when filing an assignment registration. Our attorneys have a vast amount of experience in handling assignment registrations, and we have an established repertoire with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We make sure our clients understand the process of transferring ownership and who will ultimately be entitled to either the patent or trademark registration. If you have any questions regarding assignment registrations, please feel free to contact our firm.

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